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            Print this page - Fill out completely - Mail with your deposit to :    Mike Coley

                                                                                                                 232 Riverview Ln.

                                                                                                                 Eggleston, VA 24086

NOTE: If you can't print this page simply mail your deposit to the address above along with your name and date (s) you have reserved phone # & e-mail address.

New River Musky Contract

Use this contract for New River , VA musky & Melton Hill Lake, Tn. musky trips

Effective July 1st, 2013



Effective 4/1/14 ALL live bait rips are an additional $50.00

Musky , New River Va. $ 250.00 for 2 people - 6 hr trip- lures or fly trips

Musky , New River Va. $50.00 each additional hour

Musky, Melton Hill lake, Tn. $ 400.00 single day for 1 or 2 people - 8 hrs

Musky, Melton Hill lake, Tn. $ 350.00 for 2 or more consecutive days - 1 or 2 people

Night trips for musky, New River Va. $ 250.00 for 2 people - 6 hr trip

Contact name :                                                                                                                                 

Contact phone # :   area code (      )                                                             

Mailing address :                                                                                          zip                               

e-mail :                                                                                                          

Dates booked : month                            day(s)                                              

A deposit of $50.00 is required for each day you have booked.  Deposit enclosed:  $                                          

Refunds are given if I am notified by phone of a cancellation 30 days prior to your scheduled day of fishing   

Cancellations are NOT accepted by e-mail - no exceptions

Less than 30 days notice : 50 % of your deposit can be used toward a future trip

Less than 10 days notice : NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED  

Inclement weather cancellations : ice covered roads or lightning - New river : Severe storm forecast and flooding

Rain and musky go together - We fish in the rain.****************************************************

 Signature :                                                                                                Date :                                                  

      Any questions call Mike at 540-922-2732                  Thanks,  Capt. Mike Coley